Contract Negotiation And Drafting

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Both businesses and individuals regularly enter into agreements in their day-to-day lives. When an agreement is formed it is imperative to have knowledgeable attorneys on your side who can create ironclad instruments specifying the terms and conditions of the agreement. Our goal is to ultimately save our clients from needless litigation by making sure contractual terms are legally enforceable and unambiguous. Our attorneys have experience drafting employment agreements, asset purchase agreements, buy-sell agreements, non-compete clauses, and nondisclosure clauses.

Furthermore, we understand the principles of successful negotiation. Our attorneys are well-prepared and maximize our clients' leverage to reach the best deal possible.

Breach of Contract

We handle claims of breach of contract for both businesses and individuals. When a party does not comply with their contractual obligations we can help you enforce your rights.

Asset Purchase Disputes

When buying and selling assets, including everything from machinery to commercial real estate, parties will often make representations, warranties, and covenants. When a party fails to comply with such an agreement, or made misrepresentation when entering into such an agreement you should contact an attorney.

Requirements Contract

In a requirements contract, one party often agrees to purchase as much of a good or service as it needs exclusively from another party. If you have been unable to procure the goods or services you need, or a party who agreed to purchase exclusively from you is purchasing from other providers, you should contact an attorney.

Non-compete Agreement Disputes

Non-compete clauses have become standard language in many different agreements, including employment and partnership contracts. To be enforceable, non-competes must be reasonable in terms of scope, geography, and time. If you're an employee who's being unreasonably restricted due to a non-compete, or an employer whose former employee is violating a non-compete, you should contact an attorney.

Nondisclosure Agreement

Parties use nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) both when entering into an agreement and negotiation/ contemplating an agreement. Such agreements are crucial when sharing trade secrets or financial information. If a party refuses to abide by an NDA, or if you're looking to draft an NDA that'll hold up in court, you should contact an attorney.

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