What To Do If You're Charged With A Crime

First: What Not To Do

Your natural instincts if you have been charged with a crime are often the very things that can hurt your case the most. Therefore, it can be very helpful to know that our experienced defense attorneys urge you:

  • Not to try to talk your way out of a problem with police or investigators.
  • Not to discuss your case in depth with anyone other than an attorney — not even those people close to you.
  • Not to give recorded statements of any kind without a lawyer's advice and guidance.
  • Not to "wait and see what happens next."

Any one of these actions can lead to a failed defense. You could face stiff fines and penalties, including jail time or a lengthy prison sentence. You could have a criminal record follow you the rest of your life.

What To Do

No doubt, your mind is full of vital questions after you have been charged with a drug crime, a violent crime or a white collar crime. "Will I go to prison?" is No. 1 for most people. In fact, the most critical question is what your life may be like after a conviction — whether or not you spend time in jail or prison.

To give yourself the greatest chances of a favorable outcome, start by following our advice acquired through experience as defense attorneys:

  • Keep any excuses or explanations to yourself. The police or investigators have a very different frame of reference than you do and trying to talk your way out of the situation is more likely to hurt than to help.
  • Contact a defense lawyer. Do not think long about this or try to figure out how you may pay legal fees. Rather, get an initial consultation on the calendar as soon as you can.
  • Refrain from discussing the details of your legal matter with anyone except your attorney. This includes close friends and family members.
  • Keep track of any evidence that you believe may help your case, such as contact information for people who can support your alibi, if you have one.
  • Be honest and cooperative with your lawyer. Your communications with your attorney are confidential and protected. Clear communication and close collaboration between the two of you can lay the groundwork for a successful defense.

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